Your Body, Your Life, Your Way!

Your Way

These services are designed to support you to live your sexuality and express your life in your own unique (and healthy) way.  These sessions may seem fairly basic upon reading, yet they are highly empowering and will allow you to find your own expression to take into your life, allowing you to attract that which you most desire into your life, whether it's love, sex, self-confidence, intimacy or .... (you fill in the blank).

Authentic Consent:  Does your yes mean yes and your no mean no?  Can you ask for what you want in any situation?  Get in touch with your deepest sense of yes and no.  This is a fun, and sometimes confronting 10 - 15 minute exercise that will show you just how empowering authenticity really is!

Breath:  Breath is life.  By learning breath regulation you can control the level of sensation that is available to your body.  Do you hold your breath when you orgasm??  Do you orgasm faster than you'd like, or perhaps you find it hard to orgasm?  Breath can play a huge factor in turning this around.

Sound:  Sound vibrates the throat which contains the Vagus nerve.  This nerve serves to relax the body.  A tense body feels less pleasure.  When you make sound, you experience more pleasure, and your partner will often experience a turn-on from hearing you.

Movement:  Have you ever had sex with someone who just lay there?  Was that person you?  Learning to move your body can increase yours and your partners pleasure immeasureably.  As a simple exercise, next time you are self-pleasuring try moving your body more than you normally would and see what a difference it makes!!

Touch:  Learn different touch techniques.  There are more than you might think.  Most people are only aware of 'giving' and 'receiving'.  What if there were other ways of touching and experiencing touch that could rock your world?  By combining touch and authenticity sex has the potential to move beyond the currently known and .... the rest is up to your imagination.

Energetic Orgasm:  A fun, no-hands approach to orgasm.  Energetic orgasm has been the keep-sake of the 'few' for far too long.  This little gem of orgasmic pleasure belongs in the hands of the masses - literally.  If you have some experience in energy work or even just a belief or curiosity, then I invite you to explore and expand another aspect of your body and sexuality.

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