Your Body, Your Life, Your Way!

Your Life

These are sessions where the space for transformation truly opens and where the self-discovery happens.  From here you are then able to walk with a new view of Self, if not the world.  With growth and transformation there is sometimes emotional release which makes way for the new in your life.  Growth happens outside of our 'comfort zone' and it is only by gently extending our boundaries that we experience and understand who we truly are, as well as what works for us and what doesn't.

Genital Mapping:  Open to more pleasure by learning what feels good and where you might be 'blocked' or numb.  In areas of reduced sensation or even pain, there is opportunity to discover new pathways to heightened states of awareness.

Anal Mapping:  One of the most misunderstood areas of the human body.  Once an understanding of how much tension is held in the Anus is reached, you have the opportunity for a level of relaxation that is usually achieved through hours of meditation.

Light Domination:  Experience ropes & blindfolds as a way to deepen your connection to yourself, and to expand your trust.  For the more courageous or experienced, this may be combined with sensation play.  The use of safe words helps to create a safety net, and as always, boundaries will be respected.

Sensation Play:  Candle wax, spanking (impact play), pegs, food.  All from a present, connected space where you can explore your wilder side or indulge in the 'forbidden' fantasy in a safe, sane and consensual space.  Again, the use of safe words helps to create a safety net, and as always boundaries will be respected.

Experiential Counselling:  Body-based talk sessions for singles, couples or poly groups to find more awareness around how you're 'doing life'.  By having an experiential understanding of how we 'do' life, we're better equipped to have choice in our lives.

Witnessing:  Being seen in 'all your glory' can be a powerful affirmation of your sexuality, and of you as a person.  Witnessing is about you being seen as a beautiful, sexual being and is not about exhibitionism or voyeurism.

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