Your Body, Your Life, Your Way!

Your Body

These sessions are designed to work directly on the body - your somatic experience - to engage the physical self, create fluidity and raise awareness.  By raising awareness of what's happening within the body at any given moment, more choice is offered in the moment to create new experiences.  New experiences allow us to engage and grow, to achieve that which we wish for in life, in all areas of life.

Pelvic Release massage:  An intimate, non-sexual massage to release tension of the pelvis which is the seat of our creativity.  If your creativity is constricted and restricted, what impacts will that have in your life?  Free your hips and your life will follow.

Whole Body Mapping:  Discovering all the sensations your body currently holds, whether pleasing, numb, or uncomfortable to touch.  This is one of the greatest ways to get to know your whole body, to discover its richness and its suptleties.  It is also one of the key factors in authentic consent.

Energetic Rebalancing:  During our busy lives it's easy to get out of whack.  By realigning your energy you will feel revived, reinvigorated and ready to go on.  This session will give you a sense of where your energy levels get depleted and how to maintain your energy for the things that you want in your life.

Relaxation Massage:  Exactly what it says.  Stress in the body hinders the ability to feel deeply into the body.  More relaxation equals more sensation.  Pamper yourself.  Allow your whole body to come alive and feel free from the stresses of your daily life.

Taoist Erotic Bodywork:  An educational, active form of bodywork, and while highly ertotic, is not to be confused with the standard "erotic massage".  You will be required to move, breathe consciously, make sound, use your own hands and direct the massage to move to new heights of sensation.

This bodywork usually ends with an alternative to orgasm (as most people understand it).  A great way for those with Penises in particular to experience alternatives to ejaculation.  By taking the focus away from the usual 'goal' or orgasm, sexual engagement can last much longer, and be much more pleasurable.

Scar Remediation:  Scar tissue reduces available sensation.  By reducing the amount of scar tissue, the amount of pleasure one can feel is increased.  Excellent for all scars and particularly those from birth related surgeries, Vulvodinya, or circumscision.  A simple technique that you can take home and do yourself.

Rosebud Relaxation:  The Anus is one of the most misunderstood parts of the body and most people have a 'negative' relationship to it.  This external only massage offers relaxation levels that most people are astounded by.  The rosebud is waiting for you to redevelop your relationship with it.

Having a sense of embodiment - being consciously aware of your body in any given moment - allows everyday activities to become a source of enjoyment and inspiration.  

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