Your Body, Your Life, Your Way!


What can you expect from a session? 

Since sessions are co-created the structure will vary from person to person. Generally a portion of the first session will be spent pin-pointing what you want to achieve with some thoughts on how (intention), and from there we will move into welcoming the chance you're looking for into your life.

What sorts of sessions are offered? 

Mapping, counselling, intuitive healing, scar remediation, light domination, sensation play, T.E.M., witnessing, pelvic release, boundary setting, authentic consent, erotic bodywork, differentiating orgasm and ejaculation, energetic orgasm, and much more

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How long are sessions and how much?

All sessions are 90 minutes and cost $150 (discounts for disability).  

Couples $230 for 90 minutes.  

Poly groups $250 for 90 Minutes.

Shorter sessions available by negotiation

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I am often asked, "What is it that you do?"  The short answer is that I support people into their full potential as they perceive it.  Since each person is unique, each session will be unique.  This involves some responsibility on the part of the client so that what you ask for is able to be delivered.  Some people prefer to give their power to the practitioner by saying "do what you feel I need" and they often walk away unsatisfied with their experience.  What I do is give you choice and the power to create your session the way you want to.

How will I benefit from a session?

All sessions are co-created (no-one knows you like you) to maximise your benefit and outcome.  You can expect a wide range of experiences found in the every-day, hightened and directed to meet your needs in the moment.  At the end of the session will have a real body-sense of your desired outcome, so that it is a touchable companion in your life.

Do I have to be naked?

No.  A lot of sessions can be done fully clothed.  Somatic means (loosely) 'of the body' so one doesn't necessarily need to be naked to experience the body.  Somatic Loving is about you learning to love your body, including sexually (if that's your desire), and that does not limit sessions to sexuality.  

Why would I come to see you?

Some common reasons people come to Somatic Loving could be as simple as wanting to know what's available in life or sexuality, to the more common issues such as erectile difficulties, learning ejaculation choice, to learn genital anatomy, scar reduction from surgical procedures, to reduce pain and increase pleasure, returning to sexual activity, learning how to please their partner/s or self, and much more.

For all sessions:  In the interest of your safety and comfort during a session, boundaries are clarified prior to the session starting and will be respected.  Nothing more than what is agreed upon will happen, and stop means stop so you can be assured of safety.  Touch is one way only so that you can get the most out of your sessions.  To enable this, I will remain clothed and wear gloves in keeping with safe sex practices when applicable.  

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