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"When I had my first session with Danniel I had a vague idea of what I wanted to work on but I wasn’t sure what to expect or what I really needed, so I went there with an open mind and heart, trusting that he and I would be lead to where we needed to go. I was not disappointed. We sat down and I started to tell him a bit about my history with relationships while he listened closely.

I had an issue with a lack of feeling safe around men – all men: strangers and men who had played a more significant role in my life and this was something I wanted to overcome. When I think back to that session I can’t quite quantify it as any one particular type of session or another. It was part counselling and part body work and these things seemed to happen simultaneously.

I found Danniel to be very caring, respectful and honest so this made it easy to trust him and let him lead me to where I needed to go, in order for some healing and “letting go” of old patterns that no longer served me. After an hour and a half I left that session feeling more empowered and so much safer than I had in many, many years. It was like a switch had been reset inside me.

Today I work in a male-dominated industry, with several men and only 2 other women. I never feel unsafe, threatened or compromised in any way. This is largely due to Danniel and the fear that he helped me to overcome. I would highly recommend him to anyone."

Meg, Brisbane

"A desire to deepen my capacity to feel and expand my experience of pleasure in my whole body inspired me to see Danniel. I felt gently held, spaciousness, honored and respected in the counselling and bodywork. This supported me to consciously explore and awaken to new body sensation which has significantly opened doorways to richer experiences of pleasure with my self and in relationship."

Glenn, Northern Rivers

"I have had 2 sessions with Danniel, which were AMAZING! In October 2011 [I] saw another woman after she had the experience of an Energetic Orgasm session with Danniel and wanted one myself! It was very energising and uplifting. A combination of touch and breath and energy with a gorgeous guy who's energy is Very Strong and Masculine! A beautiful tantric experience! During the session I felt safe, respected and honoured at the same time. After I felt extremely relaxed and connected to everything , without having words or wanting to describe how it felt. I just felt loved, relaxed and radiant, full of light and love,.

The second one was Active Bodywork... I wanted more of Danniel's wonderful healing energy, and I had a few physical aches and pains. It was more healing, more bodywork, with sometimes strong physical strokes and other times soft gentle and energetic. Still very powerful and tantric. Afterwards I felt lighter on all levels.

So I would strongly recommend him if you want an amazing healing or a powerful Tantric healing experience."


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