How do sessions work?

Please note, I am not taking new clients at the present time.

No matter what the reason for your visit, sessions are tailored to your situation and desired outcome.   

Sessions will begin by gaining clarity around your desired outcome then working through the body (somatically) to achieve your goal.  The way we work will be contracted at the start of each session to ensure you are in control and feel free to be a part of the process.  

While your desired outcome will be unique to you, some common reasons people seek professional support are:

Painful intercourse
Difference of desire
Hygiene education
Expand pleasure pathways

Inexperience/lack of knowledge
Little or no sensation
Experience embodiment

Ejaculation/Orgasm choice
A desire to please
Freedom from guilt / shame
Improve or learn skills

The key to great sex is to know yourself first.  As a professional I have tools to assist you, yet you know yourself better than I do and this is why we work together to achieve your desired outcome.

As a Somatic Sex Educator I acknowledge that if touch is required in a session it is discussed at the beginning of the session and follows the guidelines set out in the SSEAA code of ethics.